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how it works

A Fire Department or EMS agency signs up for a SecurLyft subscription. They are then issued a key fob that gives them access to our network of distribution machines located at hospitals in their area.

Step 1

Ambulance crews dress their gurney with a SecurLyft. There is no longer a need for the hospital flat sheet. 

Step 2

Ambulance crew responds to a call and uses as many SecurLyfts as the call requires. Taking advantage of all the key features and benefits provided by the SecurLyft product.

Step 3

The patient is then transported to the hospital on a SecurLyft. After arriving at the hospital SecurLyft is used to transfer the patient to the hospital bed. EMS professionals do not need to wait to collect the SecurLyft. The SecurLyft will be placed back in our machine by the hospital staff, where it will be collected by SecurLyft personnel for washing and quality control.

Step 4

The EMS crew will then use their key fob to obtain a new SecurLyft from the distribution machine conveniently located at that hospital in which they transported to. EMS crews are encouraged to take as many SecurLyfts as needed. 

Step 5

Step 6

EMS crews will ready their gurney with the SecurLyft for their next transport. 

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