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SecurLyft is the patient handling system that


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the problem

of all Ems

 One-quarter of all EMS workers experience career-ending back injuries within the first four years of their career.  The CDC monitors EMS workers' injuries. In the most recent data set more than 27,000 EMS workers experienced on-the-job injuries - more than 21% of those injuries were to the lower back.

- According to EMS World magazine


injury rate

In the healthcare industry, there are 6.8 lost-time injuries for every 100 hours worked. This places Emergency Response workers in the highest "at risk" profession. Healthcare and EMS workers are 4 times more likely to sustain a recordable injury when compared to the average worker. 

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According to the US Department of Occupational Health, 

48% of injuries resulting in lost-time are caused by positioning patients. Positioning and transferring patients is the task most often resulting in injury performed by Healthcare and EMS Professionals.  

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In the US healthcare industry, lost-time injuries cost employers $20 billion dollars annually according to OSHA. Recruiting, hiring, productivity loss,  orientation and training cause the costs to range from $27,000 - $103,000 per injury. Let alone the cost financially and physically of sustaining a back injury over time. 

What is Securlyft?

Designed by EMS professionals, SecurLyft is a system to lift, reposition, transport and transfer patients safely. Prior to the development of SecurLyft, Hospital and EMS workers relied upon bed sheets for patient transfers even though it was never designed or intended to be used in this manner. As a result, EMS workers paid the price of 4 times the average injury rate.

Because our distribution machines are located at hospital emergency rooms, EMS professionals use SecurLyft with no change to their regular schedule. We offer our service to most departments with zero up front expense. In many cases, the departments end up with a net positive in their balance sheet. 

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